naked adj: 1.  having no covering  2.  devoid of a specified quality, characteristic, or element: a look that was naked of all pretense  3.  exposed to harm; vulnerable: "naked to mine enemies" (Shakespeare).

Mask off

Mask off

Human.  Woman.  Wife.  Mom.  Nurse. Coach. Friend. 

Seeker of... I dunno, depends on the day:  Good health; peace; freedom; getting 'lit'; purpose; meaning; not worrying about getting lit, purpose, or meaning; someone to make my kids' school lunches and do their homework with them; the demise of fruit flies (although I'm certain that would somehow lead to the end of the world); laughing so hard no sound comes out; gold stars; everyone's approval -  especially my own; not needing anyone's approval.

The Naked Lady is one person's inside voice, out loud.  Her job is to simply tell the truth - however funny, strange, offensive, relatable, uncomfortable, or honestly naked that may be.

 It is her hope that this place gives you permission to get naked too (and to speak of yourself in the 3rd person as if that weren't a weird thing.)


The Naked Lady