Python Cataracts and a Rat Named Kevin

After two days of searching for this rat who was supposed to feed the python, and somehow snuck out of the box we were keeping it in, and into my purse to escape into my truck (long story), we caught him. 


[Back story/science: Reticulating snakes (pythons, boa constrictors, etc) - that is, snakes that eat their prey by biting it around the throat, squeeze it until it suffocates, then eat it whole - can't and won't eat when they're shedding because they're blind with temporary cataracts. It's kinda like when you get a bad sunburn and your skin turns white before it peels? Same thing. There's a white coating over the snakes eyes that blinds them, so they can't see their food to strike and eat it while they're shedding.

So when I recently got a small rat for our python, "King," to eat, and he just meandered around the feeding box - sticking his tongue out at the rat, but not doing anything about it - I knew it was bad timing. So we put the rat in a moving box in the kitchen, and waited.]

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Leave Your Baggage Unattended

"Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." — Thomas Jefferson

Doreen Virtue threw me for one.

I had a conversation a couple weeks ago with a friend/client/whateves (same same), and during our chat we went spelunking about religion, spirituality, 'woo-woo,' and what's true.

She informed me that The Hay House (Publishing Company) Darling, Doreen Virtue - prolific producer of New Age Books, Oracle Card Decks, and all-things angel - announced 2-ish years ago that she had 'found Jesus,' repented that she'd been unwittingly working for 'The Enemy', and was (for lack of a better or accurate description of her transformation) born again.

That freaked me out, and sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole of investigation into: "What's going on with Doreen Virtue?"

Freaked-out, as in: "Does she know something I don't know?" - Since I went from Jesus, to all-things spiritual, and back-again; and SHE went from all-things-spiritual, to Jesus...

Is the one-of-us who 'has it wrong' going to burn in the eternal fires of hell?

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The Three Ways People Deal with Their Thinking

Michael Macentyre’s: “How People Deal with Bees and Wasps” as a metaphor for how people deal with the thinking in their heads: 

1) WAFTERS – You’ve been at this for a while: hanging around or studying enlightened people; being really annoying to the rest of us ‘cause you’ve SEEN the separation between you and your thinking. You cool-ly go through life. You get down, sure, but you ‘waft it away,’ and we all want to be like you. I do your courses, your retreats. I read your books and listen to your podcasts. I want to waft too. (and people sign up for my schizzle because they think I'm a wafter. HA!)

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Les Brown Vs. The Old Lady & Her Lumpy Lab

The next installment of “Famous quotes to reconsider”: 

Les Brown Vs. the Old Lady and Her Lumpy Dog

I went on my LinkedIn account this week. 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out – I learned that term over the summer and my children made fun of me as if I’d just learned what ‘LOL’ means) is the reason I still have a LinkedIn account. 

Every once-in-a-while I go on with the intention of getting off, and find a pearl, and a reason to stay.

The invitations pile-up and I go through them. There are 4 categories of LinkedIn invitations:
1) People who are genuinely interested in what it is I do, and also want to share what they’re creating in the world.
2) People who want to help me “Grow my business to 6-figures!” (often with means that seem awfully insincere, and make me want to puke.)
3) People who seem to think what I do is in the same vein of what they do, so invite me to increase their ‘numbers.’
4) People who mistook LinkedIn for Tinder.

As I was sifting through the invitations, feeling more benevolent with each click of “Accept” - as if mine was the actual HAND OF GOD, saying “you’ll do” (LinkedIn makes me feel both like a pompous asshole and a deity, all at once), one of the invitations from category #2 had a quote from Les Brown, one of the patriarchs of the motivational/human potential movement:

“Life is a fight for territory and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take over.”

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You People are Crazy


I did a podcast with Phil Goddard a little while back “The Coaching Life.” 

After about an hour of ‘getting naked’ about eating disorders and boob jobs (just another day at the office), to how I see the world in general, he asked a question (paraphrasing): 

“What would people be surprised to know about you?” 

At the end of that conversation it seemed like the well of revelation had already been drained, and I found myself reaching for more nakedness… 

“Should I tell him about my public period blow-out? Or the time I came off a Master Cleanse without reading the instructions, and ended-up having to shit in a disposable coffee cup in the back my truck? Nah, that would be just more of the same.”

I’ve revisited that question over the past couple months, and I wish I could go back and talk about something that I think it’s relevant not only to coaches, but to anyone who’s looking in the direction of what’s really true about being human.

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Your Peace is Never at the End of a Fight

Your peace, wellbeing, and snort-laughing is never at the end of a fight. 

If you approach life from a ‘when i win-the-war-with _______’ paradigm, there’s always going to be another war...

Against the number on the scale... against the number in the bank account... against the current politicians or the current policies... fighting against the current relationship, or fighting for the next one...

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Maybe it's Not Our Job to Figure it Out

Kids and Technology - Maybe it's Not Our Job to Figure it Out

I read an awesome blog post today from a mom who has held-off giving her kid a smart phone for really sound reasons.

For a moment, while reading it, I felt a bit crap - like I've screwed-up my kids because I've allowed them to have smartphones at such an early age (honestly, for my own convenience)... and I SHOULD HAVE done it more like this mom.

But then, after the insecurity settled a bit, I was able to back up on my version of the world until the whole thing became a big, friggin' "Where's Waldo" picture, and saw that we're all just making-up what's ‘the right thing' to do for our kids. 

We're all just navigating as best we can with the UUUber fast changes in technology and education and EVERYTHING.

SO for anyone, any parent, wondering... am I doing it right? 
I have no idea. 

But if you're turning-up with the intention of helping them live their best, most inspired lives...

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Famous Quotes to Reconsider


"Man is so made that when anything fires his soul impossibilities vanish." – Jean De La Fontaine

Now, there’s a quote I can’t argue with.

But if you’ve known me for a while, you know that there’s a little game I like to play with the most brilliant minds that have ever graced this planet:


For instance, Steve Jobs once said: “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”

Although I love what he’s pointing to: Live by your highest values, i.e are you wasting time playing Candy Crush on the toilet, when you could be doing something more worth-while?

Mr. Job’s statement, and many other famous quotes about evaluating what you do on a daily basis against the thought that today is your last day, is really not practical.

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